$40.00 later...

Part of being a good wife is making lots of treats and goodies, right? So how could I pass up a great deal on chocolate chips at the local grocery store!? Every year Lee's Marketplace has a Holiday Food Show. They have samples of food, games, prizes, and some great door busters. This year my favorite one was the $1.66 chocolate chips-and they were the good kind, too! My mom and I decided to brave the crazy lines and headed to Lee's for our purchase (and the free samples). After browsing around the store and tasting all the samples, we headed to the baking aisle and grabbed our stash. Rather than wait in the long lines (they were literally going up the aisles) we headed to the deli where they would ring you up if you had 10 items or less. We ended up having 17 bags of chocolate chips, but luckily they rang us up anyway. After we paid my mom and I look at each other and she says "I think they overcharged us." We ended up paying $40.00 for our chocolate! As much as the Mr. likes chocolate chip cookies, I don't think he would have been to pleased to find out that I had spend that much money on chocolate. Anyway, it turns out that there was a LIMIT of 6 bags per customer and after the 6 they charge you full price. Luckily Lee's is such a great place and allowed us to come back later and fix the mistake. With all of this chocolate, I better get baking!


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