Measuring Up

Derrick is such a creative husband and is always coming up with new ideas. I was having a hard time coming up with something to give his mom for Christmas and he immediately rattled off 5 or so ideas. (All were handmade of course). We decided to make her a ruler. (a what?) Yes, that's right, a ruler.
When I was growing up one of my favorite things to do was to go to my grandma's house and stand by her closet door so she could measure my height. We had measurements for all of us kids, my parents, and my grandparents and we were always eager to see who had grown since the last measurement. Derrick's idea was to make his mom a giant ruler so that she could start doing the same with her grandkids. I started looking online for some ideas on how this ruler should look. Our inspiration came from this picture from derlillieblog.blogspot.com

So cute, right?

Here is how our project went down:
1. We found a 6 foot piece of wood at Home Depot. This was actually really hard because all of the pieces were warped! It took us a while to find a straight one, but eventually we did
2. Decide on a paint color. This also took us a long time because we weren't sure what would look good in her house! I finally picked a burnt orange color.
3. Using my nifty Silhouette and vinyl, I cut out the lines and numbers for the ruler.

4. Stick the vinyl to the board and look what you've got!